Dr. Guerra has made it one of his primary responsibilities to provide the care and services needed for all women to have healthy and issue-free pregnancies. Whether it’s assistance with conceiving or even delivering your beautiful child, we can provide medical care that’s safe, reliable and most importantly, personal. Take a look at what we can do for you below.


A few of the services we include with our prenatal care and delivery practice include:

  • Ultrasounds
  • Genetic screenings
  • Prenatal education
  • Vaginal deliveries
  • Cesarean deliveries
  • Vaginal births after cesarean (VBAC)

High-Risk Obstetrics

A few of the services/issues we offer and treat include:

  • Incompetent cervix
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Premature labors
  • Hypertension pregnancies
  • Twin pregnancies
  • Advanced maternal age pregnancies


An ultrasound, also known as a sonogram, uses high-frequency sound waves to provide a visualization of the fetus, placenta and other structures within the pelvis. Ultrasounds are used to determine the gender, age, rate of growth and position of the fetus. It’s also helpful in determining the number of fetuses within the womb and any possible birth defects.

Vaginal Delivery

A vaginal delivery is the most common form of child birth. During the labor process, it’s normal to experience high levels of discomfort, pain and even stress. Medication is typically used to ease the mother during the procedure.

A vaginal birth after cesarean is rare but not uncommon. It occurs with the cesarean delivery of a baby followed by the vaginal birth of another one. Several factors can determine the use of a VBAC, and include:

  • Fetal health
  • Pelvis size
  • Prior delivery

Gestational Diabetes

This condition occurs during pregnancy. Between weeks 26 and 28, a patient may be asked to undergo a screening for gestational diabetes.

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